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    In Anticipation of OOW 2007...

      If you've just learned about this Forum, Welcome!

      This is an exciting way for our Strategy, PM, and Engineering teams to interact with a community of users interested in mobile computing for CRM solutions.

      This year's conference has many sessions on Mobility, demonstrations, Partner pavilions, and opportunities to interact with fellow Mobile-ites.

      Two sessions featuring mobility include Location Based Services in the Field Service realm and the 'Hip or Hype' debate about the future of Enterprise Mobility.

      There have been two press releases this week regarding mobile - one about the Peoplesoft partnership with Antenna Software that promises to provide our PeopleSoft customers a powerful alternative for enterprise mobility, and there was an announcement of Siebel Mobile solutions ability to be integrated with the RIM Blackberry MDSS development environment.

      Look for other significant announcements about mobility for Siebel as we have spent quite a bit of time preparing for the conference and the delivery promises to be one that will intrigue even the most knowledgeable mobile users.

      If you are going to be at OOW - please look us up. ServiceGuy and MobileGuy will be there in force. If you are not able to make it - post some comments to the this Forum! Copies of presentations to those that do!

      best regards -