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    Oracle Jena Adaptor

      We are pleased to announce the availability of the Oracle Jena Adaptor, that will enable the use of the Jena framework with Oracle RDF. Jena is an Open Source framework developed by Hewlett-Packard and is available under a BSD-style license; see http://jena.sf.net for details.

      The Jena adaptor software implements the well-known Jena Graph and Model APIs. It extends the capabilities of Oracle semantic data management (Oracle 10gR2 RDF and Oracle 11gR1 RDF/OWL) with a set of easy-to-use Java APIs. Enhancements have been done to the server side to accommodate those APIs.

      You can download the Oracle Jena Adaptor by visitng the Oracle Semantic Technologies page at http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/semantic_technologies/index.html and clicking on 'Software' in the column on the right.

      Melli Annamalai
      Oracle Database Semantic Technologies