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    postion hirarchy

      1. i have a postion hierarchy definded
      2. emloyess 1 ,2 ,3,4 and 5.
      3. 5 has the top most postion below hin is 4 then 3 then 2 and under 2 is 1.
      4. when 1 created pr he does not approve it he forward it to 2.
      but after creating pr when he clickes on approve then forward to : automatically po hirarchy name comes and it shows 5 as forward to whereas as it should show 2.

      5. now when 2 creates po and approves it he should just send an notification to 3 ,4 and 5 how to do it ?
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          Your requirements are not clear. Please restate - is your problem with the default in step 4 or some special handling related to step 5?

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            Thanks for ur attention..

            what i mean is 1 creates PR but he has to send it to 2 for approval..

            when 1 clicks on approve button and checks forward to button : the po hierarchy auto populates and name of 4 comes up and cant be changed...

            which should not happen
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              Review the positons and whether they are assigned to the right people then review the hierarchy.
              Also, see if can change forward to in document types is unchecked.

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                The PR is directing to employee 5 because he has the highest amount limit to approve the PR. This is set up in Document Type Setup for the PR.

                Check the Forward method -> If its Direct then PR will forward to person who has enough limits. Else if its Hierarchy, then PR will go through a cycle 1, 2, 3, 4 and then 5 etc..

                Hope this clarifies.

                Metalink Reference: Also you can the metalink Note:134947.1 for more clarification with examples.


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