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    Oracle+Python News Nov'07

      Let me summarize briefly what has been happening around the O+P subject lately.

      1. There's a new column on OTN called "Mastering Oracle+Python" with first 3 episodes available:
      Part 1: Querying Best Practices

      Part 2: Working with Times and Dates

      Part 3: Data Parsing

      2. Python has it's own page at official Oracle Wiki

      3. cx_Oracle 4.3.3 has been released including support for Oracle 11g.
      Download at http://cx-oracle.sourceforge.net/

      More coming soon

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          Great work. Congratulations Przemek.

          An article about dealing with ref cursor and in/out collections, maybe? It's not hard stuff but I'm sure people would appreciate some guidance on the subject.
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            Great articles, Przemek! Thanks!

            Hope this isn't intrusive, but... did you know that your blog at prpi.blogspot.com is now "open to invited readers only"? (That's probably why I didn't know about your articles sooner!) Is there a way Oracle Pythonistas can get invites? I'd hate to lose access tot he stuff you've posted on there...


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              Thanks Catherine, I'm afraid due to excessive amount of work I'm out of blogging business for now and didn't want to keep a dead site online. The content has been copied by a lot of people as well as Google, try searching through the cache.

              All O+P content will end up on the OTN, this forum or Oracle Wiki. Keep watching the Scripting Language Technology Center. http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/scripting-languages/index.html