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        in OSC is a performance monitor included also, with a lot of measured data

        you can setup a performance measurement job and receive all streams relevant performance data
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          Thanks for the info. I downloaded the package. But I do not see any documentation in ZIP. There supposed to be a doc directory.
          It appears like this tool can collect stats and report performance stats of each component.

          I was waiting for a tool like this for past 3 years since we deployed Streams in production and was pinging streams management on this. I endup in developing our own stats collection/reporting as I mentioned in my previous reply. We currently collect this for capture, propagation sender, receiver, apply, queue and generate reports/graphs on daily basis. Also run reports on on-demand.

          It seems like this OSC can do this much better. I would like to get some documentation on configuration/mintenance and usage.
          Does OSC workes on Oracle 11g database.?
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            I am not sure of the documentation but i can tell you that it works for 11g as well.
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              the Demo Page of the OSC is changed to

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                Now the OSC version 2.9.10 is working in the production environment.
                We have all see how easy an quick we can see the information what we will get.

                Nice Tool.
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                  Are you using schema level replication or table level replication. Does the OSC displays the performance graph etc.

                  We use table level and the tool was not working properly. Development team, Stephan, offered to release a new version that will work with table level replication. Waiting for that. Either way, this tool looks real good to me.

                  Waiting for a tool like this for past couple of years. We endup developing our own internal tool to collect stats from all these catalogs and generates reports/graph etc.

                  OSC seems like a dash-board interface for online status.
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                    i use schema replication
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                      While browsing through internet came across this forums related to streams and monitoring utility OSC. As per discussions, OSC looks interesting but could not see the demo/sample screens as none of the links in forums are working.(May be forum is old so those demo are not there now). I have downloaded the OSC zip file but could not understand how to do setup. Zip file configuration is as per 1Hub and 2 Spoke not sure how to proceed.
                      My setup is as below
                      2 Databases involved SRCGDB and DSTGDB
                      Bi-directional schema level setup
                      Each database has 3 capture process, 3 propagation and 3 apply processes
                      Each Capture has multiple schemas.
                      c1_appusers has 2 schemas
                      c1_gapusers has 2 schemas
                      c1_portalusers has 7 schemas
                      Can you help me to setup this tool ?

                      If required, I can send you healthcheck.html if you need to understand my setup in detail

                      Thanks in advance.

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                        Oracle Streams Commander (OSC)
                        is ready for Table Streams Environments and Oracle11g

                        What is new ?

                        1. Installation Guide for the OSC for all streams environments (detailed README.txt)
                        2. OSC for Oracle11g
                        3. Heartbeat Table check with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
                        3. Mailing on Heartbeat check only Error occur
                        4. Bug Fixes

                        You can download here http://www.oracle.com/global/de/community/platform/index.html

                        Best Thanks to Sham and Sreeni for their support and patience !
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                          Thanks Stefan.
                          I will download this and implement on our 11g test environment.
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                            i will test the new OSC
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                              <p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">
                              A new Release of Oracle Streams Commander is available
                              You can Download the actual OSC Relase (4.11.15)
                              What is new ?</strong>               <br><br>
                              1. OSC is ready for Downstream Capture <br>
                              2. Set Capture/Apply trace on/off<br>
                              3. Mailing for broken Streams Processes(Capture-Propagation-Apply)<br>
                              4. Mailing for broken Jobs<br>
                              5. Conflict Solution for OSC_HEARTBEAT Table<br>
                              6. +++ fixes +++

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                                Hi Menschel,

                                I have downloaded OSC. In the README file, no where it has been mentioned about oracle release 9i.

                                So, before installing OSC, i just need a confirmation from you that Can we use OSC for our oracle 9i streams environment ?

                                Our oracle 9i streams environment:

                                Source :
                                Stream Type: Table-level, Not archive based Downstream

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                                  I just downloaded and installed the new version OSC 4.11.15. I configured the HTTP server following the README, but cannot find instruction on how to use the tool. I can see the scheduled jobs are gathering statistics and are populating the OSC_ tables, but I don't know how to get to the web front end to review the info.
                                  For instance, I am not sure what is the URL to the main page or the monitoring tab and other tabs and what feature OSC has. Is there any documentation in addition to the installation README?

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                                    Get quick response from Stefan on the question and solved the problem.

                                    Hope this was in the README:

                                    "You can go to the osc with

                                    This is indeed a wonderful tool (just by looking around a few tabs) and much more powerful than Streams on OEM!