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      I'am using oo4o at an Oracle 8.0.5 server running on windows NT4.0 and a different installation of Oracle 9i running on win2k.
      I have developped an application running on IIS4/IIS5 using asp.

      While oo4o is running perfectly on Oracle 8.0.5, i got the OIP 4148 error. I know what the error means, but I found in the whole documentation no reason for that error. On 9i, i have upgated to the latest version of oo4o but no change. Also I have
      reregistered all .dll's.

      Does the user require som special rights or roles?
      Do I need to setup some special values in the init.ora file?
      Is it a language problem (Oracle is talking to me in german language, don't know why, the OS and most other part are english)

      Does anyone knows about this problem?