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    Oracle CalDav

      After months of looking for a calendar server that is truly cross-platform I haven't yet found one. Oracle Cal seems like it could be a nice product but doesn't support CalDav yet. This is very important because almost all client have the ability to use CalDav (iCal in Mac OS, Sunbird, Chandler...). The key here is that Oracle has the ability to sync with Outlook.

      So, after reading a few threads about how Oracle is coming out with a CalDav version what is the status of this version? When is it coming out? Is there a beta?

      Or, in the meantime, is there a program that uses iSync or something similar in Mac world to synchronize iCal with Oracle calendar?

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          Hi Tom,

          what we do is
          - 'uniical -export ...' to export an agenda
          - the use the HTTP::DAV perl module to copy the resulting ical file
          to an OCS workspace (http://your.host.name/content/dav/...)

          This works for the MacOS systems in our environment. It is a read only solution but you could try to do a
          - 'uniical -import ...' step to feed back into OCS. Never tested this myself.

          Hope this is usefull for you.


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            As far as I know, the next version of the calendar product ("Beehive") is either out or should be out very soon. It was in beta when I spoke to Oracle support about it in late November.

            It's a complete rewrite of the calendar product, so for those of use that have been using the product for years (since before Oracle bought it), it's a much more significant change than the 9 to 10 upgrade was.

            It does support CalDav. It doesn't support the SunOne calendar protocol (WCAL, I think).

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              Dear Tim.

              Please, tell me what do you know about "Beehive". Is there any official news about that product? What is the release date?

              Any information you have about "beehive" plz :)
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                All I know about Beehive is what I was told by Oracle support, when I was asking them about other issues related to the 10.1.2 upgrade (which we just did a few weeks ago), and I've shared most of that in my previous comment.

                I have no idea when it will be released, but it's been in beta for a while. I asked in December if there was a whitepaper available on the changes in the product, and support wasn't able to find one for me. Maybe your Oracle sales rep would have something like that?