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    Latest Patches for Oracle as suggested by TopBraid

      We have started using TopBraid Composer to develop ontologies. Our ontologies are now big enough that they are beginning to exceed the capacity of my pc to run inferencing and query. I would like to now save the ontologies into Oracle and use the power of Oracle to run the inferencing and query while still using TBC to develop the ontology. While speaking with TopBraid, they indicated I needed to install TBC v2.4.1 (which I have done). However, they also indicated that there are patches that are needed from oracle as well. However, I didn't find those patches when I initially looked.

      Can you tell me how to get the latest/greatest patches for Oracle's Semantic technologies?
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          Hi jPhilb
          I saw this and your message on the tbc forum.
          I was interested in this as well.
          I'm also using tbc 2.4.1. and I've installed the latest 11g for windows.
          TBC and oracle are working for me, but it would be good to know what is the full patch level required to get the most out of TBC.

          Can anyone please tell us what patch levels we should be working with?

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            I apologize for the delayed reply.

            The patch is available on the Oracle Semantic Technologies page, it is just not labeled accurately (we are fixing that). Please go to http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/semantic_technologies/index.html, click on 'software' in the right column, and then click on 'Download the Patch for Oracle Database 11gR1'. This patch is listed under the Oracle Jena Adaptor, and is also the general patch that can be used for 11g, including for using 11g with TopBraid Composer.