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    Purchase order for KIT item


      my requirement is to raise Purchase order for KIT item.For Example--

      For 1 Kit item A, including 1 table and 4 chairs. Define components (table and chair) for item A by using Bills of Material screen. In Order Management, when user orders 100 item A, system will generate automatically 100 tables and 400 chairs and Ship to customer. Item A does not have Onhand, only its components have Onhand.

      will the oracle purchasing support this KIT purchase concept.
      pl give me suggestions.

      Thanks in Advance,
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          I'm thinking that your requisition from OM will be automatically converted to internal requisition for 100 tables and 400 chairs, based on your setup.
          Would you still need to have 'KIT' setup in procurement?

          The other thing I can think of is, you can use Requisition Templates to help in ordering items on a repetitive basis.

          Let us know what you think.