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    Sourcing Optimization


      Does anybody know the meaning of "Oracle sourcing optimization"?
      Is it a different product from "Oracle sourcing"?
      Is it possible to install and use "sourcing" without "sourcing optimization"?


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          Oracle Sourcing Optimization is a powerful & flexible tool based on CPLEX Algo built into sourcing to give solutions for all problems related to sourcing satisfying the given constraints. It gives you Solutions for all sort of complex scenarios one default system generated soulution is provided and user has option define his own constraints and run the optimization engine to mget desired solutions.

          You have option to use Optimization Engine by enabling profile Option PON:%Enable%Optimization% to Yes

          If this profile is Yes then Award Optimization is displayed in Drop Down menu else
          Autoaward option is displayed.

          e.g. You want the No of Suppliers to be Restricted to 2 and one of them to be Minority owned supplier, % Award to one supplier to be 50% etc.,Line level constraints whether to split lin,keep integer distribution etc.

          The constraints can be added at line,header level etc...
          You can define the Objective for Optimization like Maximize Awrd Qty Min Award Amount,Max Award Qty,Min Award Amount etc.

          It is one of the best Optimization Engines across ERPs. You should go for it Buyers will be very happy getting all solutions to there problems on fly.