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        Not knowing whether you have metalink access, in which case you should have found it, here's an external link: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/112707-oracle-to-vmware-users-we.html?fsrc=rss-applications
        • 16. Re: Install of Oracle 10g on Solaris Zone fails (toooooo slow !)
          Thanks Dan.

          I <i>have</i> access to metalink but still can't find any articles/notes specifically for this. Maybe I'm just being thick.

          Anyway, I've raised this with Oracle Support for a definitive answer.

          Thanks again,

          • 17. Re: Install of Oracle 10g on Solaris Zone fails (toooooo slow !)
            Good Morning Joseph,

            I just received this article from Oracle in regards to your problem. I hope this clarifies what you are looking for.



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              Go to metalink
              Search for "VMware" and "Support"
              among the items returned:

              Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMWare Virtualized Environments
              Doc ID: 249212.1

              And I quote:
              "Oracle has not certified any of its products on VMware virtualized environments."
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                Hi all,

                Have just had confirmation from Oracle Support that they do support containers. When pushed for clarification on the stance when dealing with Zones (the virtualisation side of containers) they have said that they treat zones as containers and, therefore, also support them. Also, I pointed them to the article which mentions proving the issue on a non-virtual environment and they have said that this is not the case with Solaris Zones and databases on Zones will be fully supported.

                That's a relief.

                • 20. Re: Install of Oracle 10g on Solaris Zone fails (toooooo slow !)
                  Hold the buses - Oracle has done an about-face!

                  My SR - previously closed with '[running on] local zones is supported' - has just been updated and we're back to square one.

                  On one hand, according to BDE, a Zone is (in Oracle-land) equivalent to a Container and, therefore, is supported for non-RAC databases.

                  On the other hand, according to the internal Oracle forums, this is "a tough one right now" as the previously mentioned magazine article infers that Zones would only be supported for problems known to occur on the native OS (i.e. non-Zoned).

                  I'm a little astonished to find that Oracle Support is taking their cue as to what they do and don't support from a nameless source quoted in an external magazine article and not from their own policies... however they are seeking further clarification from BDE/Solaris Product Management so we'll just have to wait and see.
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                    My suspicion is that Oracle is taking its queue from the extreme difficulty in creating internally in their support organization reference systems that match all of the nutty things real-world people are capable of doing with virtual environments.

                    On one hand you want Oracle to be able to help you with a problem and on the other hand you expect them to do it with an environment they don't have. Seems somewhat like asking water to flow uphill.
                    • 22. Re: Install of Oracle 10g on Solaris Zone fails (toooooo slow !)
                      Seems somewhat like asking water to flow uphill.
                      I'd agree if we really were talking about some 'nutty' configuration where, say, Oracle was installed on a supported Guest OS running against virtual CPUs, Memory, disks and networking on an unsupport host OS... but we're not. We're talking about a standard feature of the Solaris 10 OS.

                      It all seems to be a matter of semantics. As previously mentioned, the support matrix for Solaris clearly states that non-RAC databases are supported on Solaris Containers... and Solaris Containers are the combination of Solaris Zones and Solaris Resource Manager. I don't see how Containers can be supported whilst the components of Containers (Zones and RM) aren't.

                      I'm fairly confident that once the BDE and the Solaris Product Management guys put their heads together they are going to say Zones are supported... but so long as there's any doubt this is just too important a project to guess.
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                        Quick update.

                        Oracle Support has confirmed that they will fully support a non-RAC database in a Local (non-global) zone...


                        They also advise that there are currently talks taking place between Oracle and Sun related to Local Zones so they cannot say whether the current situation will change.
                        • 24. Re: Install of Oracle 10g on Solaris Zone
                          My sys admin has a white paper authored by Sun and Oracle from the Sun website. We have been using zones with out a problem for six months now in our testing environments using one as the duplicate of production to do stress testing. We took our applications to 100x the normal load. We broke the application but not Oracle or the zone. with in the next month we are looking to move the zones into production. We are looking at several architectures, one is to have all the zones use the same ORACLE_HOME.

                          Question, as long as each zone has a different SID this would work, but if as in dev and testing I could have several versions of the same sid, I would need to store the pfile and spfile in a directory in the zone and start the instances from there correct?

                          This is what we are going to try next week in the DEV environment. Just looking for some thoughts or gotchas if someone else has tried.


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