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    Dual Sourcing - Automatically

      I am looking to dual source components with a fixed percent or quantity for each source. I want the PO or release to generate automatically with each demand source, min max planning, planned order, manual requisition, etc.

      Is this possible? I cannot find anyway to make this happen.
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          Chandu Tadanki-Oracle
          Am not clear on the requirement, but let me explain whatever I understood.

          You want to source from two different suppliers in a pre-determined proportion (say, Supplier A - 70%, and Supplier B - 30%).

          Oracle EBS supports this only for MRP/ASCP (by using Sourcing Rules), but not for Min-Max, Manual Requisition etc. MRP/ASCP determine the potential source, and try to split the planned order quantity into two different requisition (one for each Supplier/Source Document) as per the proportion mentioned in the Sourcing Rule definition.

          Does that address your question?
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            Chandu Tadanki-Oracle
            Some additions to my update ... any given planned order (in MRP/ASCP) is not split into two Requisitions ... system tries to allocate a set of planned orders (to the suppliers listed in the Sourcing Rule) to meet the their assigned Rank, Percentage ... it depends on the specific quantities of the planned orders, so at the end you may not meet the exact percentages setup, but only approximate them.
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              Your explanation is correct for the sourcing rule functionality.

              I am looking for a true dual sourcing process where ANY demand will be automatically split between 2 suppliers with a preset percent to go to each supplier.

              Any ideas?
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                Chandu Tadanki-Oracle
                EBS standard functionality is not designed for this.

                Some cases I have seen some non-invasive customizations. I do not have the entire details now, but the approach is:
                - Get all data via Req Import tables.
                - Run a custom program that checks whether the interface data is already spread across the suppliers listed in Sourcing Rules ... if not already spread, then split it (i.e. reduce the quantity on existing records, and insert new records for remaining quantity).
                - Then run ReqImport program.

                Some challenges here are ... some of the standard subsystems (e.g. WIP/EAM) may automatically insert records into Req Interface AND immediately import them (so, you dont have a chance to run your custom program to split them).