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    APEX_LDAP and Active Directory

    Luis Cabral
      Hi there

      Here we use MS Active Directory and I want to integrate it with our applications written in Apex 3/Oracle 10g. I am quite new to LDAP and though I have been reading a lot about it, things still don't seem to work for me...

      I tried something very simple from PL/SQL Developer, connected to a development schema:
        IF apex_ldap.is_member(
                               'OU=Systems,OU=Users,OU=Central Office,dc=company,dc=local',
                               'Oracle Administrators',
                               'OU=Global Groups,OU=Central Office,DC=company,DC=local') 
        END IF;
      And it does not work, it always prints 0. I checked all the names against a LDAP browser tool and all seems correct. Based on what I read, this should work just like that... or am I missing something?

      Is APEX_LDAP supposed to work only within an Apex context, or can I call it from anywhere?

      As I don't get any error message, I am clueless on where to start. Any clues?


      PS: In the LDAP browser, I see a entry like this:

      memberOf CN=Oracle Administrators,OU=Global Groups,OU=Central Office,DC=company,DC=local

      ...so I guess I belong to that group.