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    Vista and 10g Oracle Web Conference problem

      Hi we recent upgraded several XP workstations to Vista Business edition.
      We have been using OCS 10g/Oracle Web conferencing with no issues on XP, however since the upgrade to Vista it fails as follows...
      - the Oracle Web Conferencing Console starts to load
      - the Web Conferencing tool bar appears
      I get the Collab Suite Real-time Window
      stating "Conference in Progress "you have successfully joined conference xxxxxxxx"
      then the Conferencing Console progress bar gets to 98% and it fails with the error messge pop-up " System Error" "Unable to connect to server"
      I have trieds this with the Vista firewall off, etc.
      also in I.E.7 I see the Oralce RTC client Loader has been downloaded and is enabled...any ideas?