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    Approved SUpplier List


      I had a question about approved supplier list.What do you mean exactly by setting Global flag as NO and specifying an inventory org for an ASL entry?Doesn't that mean that this is and ASL entry only for that inventory org.

      If I create 2 iProcurement responsibilities one for Inventory A and other for Inventory B and assign then to the inventory orgs in Organization access screen doesnt it mean that when I login from A I should see teh ASL's for only org A and not B?
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          Hi there

          I am not very sure but I don't think so it will happen because procurement is controlled at Operating Unit level, so, if both the Orgs are under the same OU, they will be able to view that ASL.
          Correct me if I am wrong.

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            According to the Oracle Purchasing User’s Guide

            "Sourcing Globally or Locally

            In the Approved Supplier List and Sourcing Rule windows, you also
            choose whether to exercise the sourcing information at a global or local
            level. A sourcing rule assigned at the global level in the Sourcing Rule
            5 – 32 Oracle Purchasing User’s Guide
            / Bill of Distribution Assignments window is valid for all operating
            units. A global ASL entry in the Approved Supplier List window is
            valid for all inventory organizations in an operating unit. A local
            sourcing rule or ASL entry is valid only for the organization that you
            were in or that you chose when creating the sourcing rule or ASL entry.

            Local entries take precedence over global ones. For example, if you
            have a global sourcing rule that says to use Supplier A for an item for
            all organizations in your company, and a local sourcing rule for the
            same item that says to use the local Supplier Z only for your
            organization, Purchasing defaults Supplier Z on requisitions or
            purchase orders created in your organization. Local entries are the
            default in the Approved Supplier List window."