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    SEVERE: Managedbean could not be created

      Hi everyone!
      I've got a nice and interessting temporary failure in my application.

      I'm developing a JSF-webapplication with JSPs and Java-Beans. When a jsp-site appears we disable/enable functions in the application depending on information that are stored in our database. These authorizations depend on groups from ContentServices. So I need to resolve to which groups in ContentServices the logged in user belongs to. Therefor I want to have the GroupManager instance form the ContentService-API with following source-line:

      GroupManager gm = Managers.getGroupManager(wsConnection.session);

      When I first noticed this failure, I tried to reproduce it, but I wasn't able to. Mostly it runs fine, but sometimes the GroupManager instance can't be delivered, though the user could be correctly logged in before.

      Has anybody had a similar failure before? Is there anything I don't have thought about when I call such functions from a jsp-site?

      In my server logs I see this error:
      SEVERE: Managedbean appConstraints could not be created Klasse kann nicht instanziiert werden: 'susi.backing.AppAuthorConstraints'.. class
      susi.backing.AppAuthorConstraints : java.lang.NullPointerException

      How can I fix that?

      Something very interesting I found out is that if I try logg in a user two times, the first time everything runs fine and the second time the application brakes with the mentioned exception.

      Can anybody help me with that?


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