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    Implementing  HA in OID LDAP authentication


      A few queries on HA while implementing OID LDAP Authentication for linux/unix hosts.

      This is what we plan to do.

      1. Have a master node, this is a cluster of 2 Hosts, sharing the same DB ( ie a RAC db and OID Cluster) both listening to 389.

      Tested that I could add users in node 1 when Node 2 is down and Node 2 when Node 1 is down

      2. Have a replication Host Node 3, which I have pointed to node 1 for replication.

      Tested that If I add in node 1/node 2 ( when both nodes are up) the user is reflecting in node 3. It also works when node 2 is down ( ie if I create a user in node 1 when Node 2 is down, I can see that replicated in Node 3)

      The tests were performed using ldapadd and ldap search.

      The issue is , if node 1 is down, node 3 stops replicating. Is there a way this can be circumvented ? so that node 3 points to node 2 if node 1 is down ?

      Please suggest.