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    11.5.9 Core Purchasing

      We have three organizations within our Financials environment: MST (master), SUP (Supplies) and FAC (Facilities). Purchase orders are created in SUP and FAC. From time to time, users create a PO in SUP, when it should have been FAC, and vice-versa.

      Does anybody know if there is a quick way of determining which organization a Purchase Order was created? IE - can you tell by looking at the PO through the Oracle Forms? Of course I can tell via the database, but I'm asking this for our end users.

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          You can achieve this by giving the diagnostics access to the user , provided your user is having appropriate knowledge of Apps and is aware of not updating the details from the Diagnostics.

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            There are two ways, looking at you can tell this purchase order has been created for which organization.
            First is the organization name on the Purchase order tittle bar, which shows a Text that is Purchase order and then organization name.
            Second each organization is associated with some location, using that location name you can find, for which organization this purchase order has been created.

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              How about customising the form and displaying the organization on it.

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                Hi Utsav,

                Try fnd_profile package with value org_id and get function name. which will give you the current selected org id and then can be displayed on any customized form.

                Thanks & Regards
                Ankur Dawra
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                  One more way to check from front end is:

                  Login to purchasing responsibility of SUP organization and query for PO in PO summary screen, if it is listed then it means to PO was created under SUP else it was created under some other organization