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    two different sites with two different SSL certificates


      On metalink I have found this:

      Oracle Web Cache can serve two different sites, with two different SSL certificates.
      However, there are two requirements:

      1) Each Certificate must be in its own Wallet
      2) Eache Wallet must be assigned to a unique IP:port listen combination

      This means that you may have two sites on one machine, but each must use a
      distinct listen port to differentiate the two. The better alternative is to use
      two different IP addresses on that one machine where Oracle Web Cache is
      running, configuring each Wallet to a unique IP:443 combination.

      So I have 2 virtualhosts with 2 differents Ip adresses and ssl certificates.

      The problem is the communication between Web Cache and origin servers. Because it's possible to set only one Origin Server Wallet on webcache manager.

      What I have to do to finish the configuration ?