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    ASMlib and createdisk disks disappear after reboot

      I have a test box at home running Centos 5 with one 120 gig ide drive that has 3 partitions created for asmlib which are /dev/VolGroup00/u02, u03, u04. I do a oracleasm createdisk VOL1, VOL2 & VOL3 successful without issue. I then to verify I querydisk /dev/VolGroup00/u0* and it shows u02, u03 & u04 all marked as ASM Disks. Lastly I do a listdisks and VOL1, 2 & 3 all show. All seems well and then I reboot the machine and do a listdisks and NADA! But when I querydisk /dev/VolGroup00/u0* they show marked. I thought about adding the createdisk in /etc/rc.local as a work around but isn't asm supposed to handle that? Please any help would be great!