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    SmartSpace Client


      Has anyone had problems installing the smartspace/clickone client?
      I've installed the smartspace server (all default settings) and can see the information map but when I click on the link to install the smart space client I get the following error:
      "The requested resource () is not available."

      The url is which I assume must start a download of an msi package but the only .msi/.exe files provided with the install are for the AdminUtility or the SDKWizard.

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          Mike Larimer-Oracle
          In addition to the Smart Space server, please install the Admin Utility on a machine (client or server).

          After installing the Smart Space server, you must then run the Admin Utility to configure the server environment as well as sign/publish the Smart Space client (sometimes called the client framework) and the gadgets. Follow the documentation, it is a pretty simple process.

          The link for the Smart Space client on the Information Map will only work AFTER you have published the Smart Space client using the Admin utility.
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            Matt Milella-Oracle
            The link for the admin tool should be as follows: http://[servername]:17080/SmartSpace/Installations/AdminUtility/setup.msi
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              Hi Mike,

              Thanks for that, it worked a treat. Next time I'll RTFM!

              I might be completely wrong but I think I may have met you at a telco in Lyon, France a few years back? I used to work for Hyperion in the UK. If not, apologies for confusing you with someone else and thanks for the tip.

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                Mike Larimer-Oracle
                Yes, I believe that you are correct. We did work together in Lyon way back when...glad to see you are still working with Hyperion products!

                Smart Space is our latest creation and it should be a fun product to work with in the future.