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    Corporate Time 6.0

      Has anyone heard of this program (Corporate Time 6.0)? I saw something on Google that said it was bought by Oracle. If so I think I'm in the right place. I'm trying to sync my Corporate Time calendar to my iPhone. Anyone know if this is at all possible?
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          I don't know about version 6 but once I tried to find out a bit about the history. These are my notes:

          Oracle Calendar Server was Steltor CorporateTime Server that has been more or less intergrated into OCS but has still (in OCS 9 and I believe in 10 too) its own database.

          Oracle bought Steltor in 2002. (Steltor was before 2000 called CS&T/Lexacom).

          I also believe Netscape Calendar Server is related or share history with this product (F.ex. SGI Irix and Netscape SuiteSpot Calendar Server, see http://docs.sun.com/source/816-5526-10/).

          If you go to http://www.steltor.com/notes/ you can read:

          Oracle CorporateTime is Oracle's standalone Calendar offering.
          For Steltor CorporateTime documentation, please click here.

          Version 5.3 seems to be the last before Oracle bought it, and Oracle CorporateTime 5.4 was a standalone version av of the one in OCS 9 (?)


          The database is not Oracles. Th Datafiles has the string Raima Data Manager Version 3.21A in them. Raima Corp offes today Raima Database Manager ++ (RDM++, prev. db_Vista), a database management library for C.