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    Category search

      With our webapplication Tool for ContentServices the user should be able to search for documents with categories and category values.

      Everything works fine, except one case:

      I assigned one category several times to one document and changed the values for every category-item. Now they look like that:

      HasenCategory (1)
      maxSprungweite = 6,76
      Möhrenvorrat = 255

      HasenCategory (2)
      maxSprungweite = 4
      Möhrenvorrat = 130

      HasenCategory (3)
      maxSprungweite = 1
      Möhrenvorrat = (empty)

      Then I tried to search for this document with the SearchManager form the ContentServices API by creating a search expression that looks like that:

      leftOperand = "Name"
      operator = "Equal"
      leftOperand = [...] (HasenCategory - Möhrenvorrat)
      operator = "Equal"
      rightOperand = "255"
      operator = "AND"
      leftOperand = [...] (HasenCategory - Möhrenvorrat)
      operator = "Equal"
      rightOperand = "130"

      So I expected to get back this document because it has got a HasenCategory where the attribute value for the attribute Möhrenvorrat is 255 and the document also has got a HasenCategory where the attribute value for Möhrenvorrat is 130, but that doesn't succeed. I got back an empty searchresult.

      Does anybody know how to construct a search expression that brings back the result I expected? Is it even possible to construct such a search expression for the SearchManager or doesn't it support such a search?

      Thanks for every reply