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    Addin does not work under Windows 2003


      I have a few Excel addins with forms and other objects that work fine on my desktop (Windows XP), where I have OO4O installed. Recently a user needed to start using these addins and I installed OO4O on a server using Windows 2003. The user (Windows XP also) connects to the server using Remote Desktop Connection. However when he uses the addins they do not work. The connection to the database is fine, I know that because otherwise some forms would not appear. The problem is when the user presses the first combobox of each form no data appears. If I enter just some text on that combobox, which enables a second combobox, then this second combobox works fine, I can see the database data. When the form allows me to press a button that runs a query I receive the message “Not all variables bound”.
      If anybody can help I would very much appreciated.