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    Compiling Public Synonyms

      I have a number of Public synonyms referencing AWR views such as DBA_HIST_SERVICE_STAT, DBA_HIST_SGASTAT etc which have become invalid.

      I have a user granted DBA privileges which I would like to use to recompile the objects but when I issue an ALTER PUBLIC SYNONYM DBA_HIST_SERVICE_STAT COMPILE; as that user it just returns ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.

      What do I need to grant to the DBA privileged user in order for them to be able to compile the public synonyms?
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          Eduardo Legatti

          >>as that user it just returns ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.
          Connect to SYS as sysdba ....
          C:\>sqlplus system/pass

          SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Mon Jan 28 15:30:43 2008

          Copyright (c) 1982, 2004, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

          Connected to:
          Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
          With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

          SYSTEM@ORACLE10> alter public synonym DBA_HIST_SGASTAT compile;
          alter public synonym DBA_HIST_SGASTAT compile
          ERROR at line 1:
          ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

          SYSTEM@ORACLE10> connect sys/pass as sysdba;

          SYS@ORACLE10> alter public synonym DBA_HIST_SGASTAT compile;

          Synonym altered.

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            I just want to verify that only the SYS or SYSTEM account can do this by logging in with SYSDBA option. I have been trying to create a script that would cleanup invalid objects after a particular application gets installed but find I cannot seem to clear any of the invalid PUBLIC SYNONYMS although the DBA was able to do it with the SYSTEM account. So my question is, is there a system privilege that can assigned to a schema so that it can recompile public synonyms?
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              I have the same question. I want to give other user accounts other than SYS the ability to compile public synonyms. Does anyone have a solution?
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                It is not possible for PUBLIC synonyms.
                "ALTER PUBLIC SYNONYM" is an implicit privilege of the SYS user and may not be executed by any other user (not even SYSTEM).
                Also, it is not a valid session privilege and hence can't be granted to any other user.

                It is possible for private synonyms. "CREATE SYNONYM" privilege gives you rights to CREATE/DROP/ALTER private synonyms created by you.

                kallo:DZHLHMC1> sqlplus lhowner/password
                SQL> select * from session_privs where privilege like '%SYNONYM%';

                CREATE SYNONYM

                SQL> create synonym test2 for test1;

                Synonym created.

                SQL> alter synonym test2 compile;

                Synonym altered.

                SQL> drop synonym test2;

                Synonym dropped.
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                  Robert Geier
                  Deleted. Just noticed the age of the OP.
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                    Hi Robert,

                    I found many invalid PUBLIC synonyms in our DB. I hit this thread during my search and updated with my findings.
                    All my tests were done with only. (I removed thee version info to make message short.)
                    We have not applied patch 6725634.
                    However, when I searched for the bug fixes in this patch, I found following:

                    Are you sure this patch solves issue of using "alter public synonym" command?
                    If so, it would be of great help in validating PUBLIC synonyms.
                    Could you please confirm if you also faced similar problem?

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                      Robert Geier
                      The patch should stop the synonyms invalidating. It does not address issues with "alter public synonym".

                      Suggest you raise an SR with Oracle to confirm.
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                        Thanks for confirmation.
                        I was quite sure this isn't the problem in our case since we do not have any partitioned table.
                        A synonym could become invalid because of many reasons.
                        The most obviously if the object it is referring to is invalid or dropped. (as in our case)
                        In such cases, a developer's obvious wish is to have an ALTER command.
                        But, as of now we stand as it's not possible to compile PUBLIC synonyms by any user other than SYS.
                        And the only way out is re-creating the synonyms.

                        Thanks once again.