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    OC database object installation fails


      I am trying to setup Database server for oracle clinicals 4.5 on a
      WIN 2000 SP4 Vmware image.

      Steps which i have completed
      1) Installed oracle 9i rdbms
      2) Applied patch to from
      3) Installed oracle clinical database server component 4.5
      4) Applied patch to 4.5.1
      5) Using DBCA created a database

      As per the installation doc, now i have to install OC 4.5 database objects which is failing.

      The Oracle Universal Installer collects all information, it shows the installation screen for few seconds & then fails with message "Error: SYSTEM username/password invalid"

      Log file says:
      Database install log file
      Error: SYSTEM username/password invalid.
      End of log file

      I beileve i provided the correct system password on oracle universal installer screen. Also with the same system password i am able login to sqlplus.

      Please suggest

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          So, you are trying to install Oracle Clinical 4.5 and you say that you are using the Oracle Clinical 4.5 manual. Is that right?.

          When/where did Oracle Clinical's 4.5 manual tell you that you are allowed to install OC 4.5 on a system with Win2000 SP4 Vmware. Please let me know. This installation is not child's play and no amount of fiddling will get it to work if you do not follow the manual, do not have metalink access because the manual is not up to date and without the patches required at each step.

          Apart from Unix, Oracle Clinical can only be installed on Windows 2000/2003 Server OS not Windows 2000 OS. No OC manual that I know of supports installing on an image. So when you violate the very basic requirements of the installation manual, you should not post a query here. That's like getting a traffic ticket and asking for help here.