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    Column Heading Alignment

      Hi all,

      I've been running into an issue with alignment of Report column headings. I'm using theme 6 and 10 and experience the same issue with both.

      When I choose to have a heading centered it will only work if non of the headings in front of it have a left or right alignment.

      Here's an example to illustrate the issue.

      - Create a report as select * from emp.
      - Look at the column attributes within the report and you will see that the heading alignment is blank.
      - Now run the page. The column headings are all centered.
      - Now look at the html. There is no alignment specified on any of the items.
      - Now change the "Job" and set the alignment to center, run the page. The heading is still centered.
      - Now look at the html. There still is no alignment specified.
      - Now change the alignment to right and look what happens. All of the columns starting with "Job" are now right justified and the html shows all headings from "Job" on have the alignment set to right.
      - Now set the "Mgr" column to center and look what happens. Everything is still right justified and the html still has the alignment set to right, not center.
      - One last one. Now change mgr to left justified. Now "Job" is right justified, and "Mgr" and all the remaining columns are left justified.

      It looks to me like APEX is not substituting the alignment when center is chosen.

      I've looked through the forum and have not been able to find a work around to this. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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            Arie Geller
            Hello Tom,

            I was able to reproduce your situation, using theme 10, and it seems like a bug in the system.

            As every column heading has a unique ID – equal to the column name – you can use JavaScript to re-align the headings, which need to be centered. If you have a lot of them, it could be a bit tedious.

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              I am using Apex since 2004 and have had this problem since the beginning. Firstly I thought I didnt know what I was doing so I found a workaround and always placed <center>heading</center> whenever I wanted a heading centered on a report.

              My main application has grown to over 100 pages and it is tiresome to keep adding this when Apex has a Select List for aligning headings with Left Center and Right as selections.

              I still see the problem in Apex 3.1.

              I tried this in the Column Heading Template just to see what substitutions Apex did on variable #ALIGNMENT#.

              <td class="report1header" #ALIGNMENT#>

              I notice that when I choose Center in Apex Select List the variable is empty.
              But stranger is When the previous column is select as Heading Right Align then for the column which is Center it also has a right alignment substitution.

              Tom´s problem report above is still a problem and I dont understand how such a good development tool like Apex is improved from version to version and this issue is kept unsolved.

              Is this complex to fix?

              Thank you