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    How to maintain different prices for same item in different organizations

      hi all,
      We have noticed that the list price of an item at Item Validation Org level is getting defaulted when creating requisitions. We want to maintain different prices for the item for different organizations, so that the prices will be properly defaulted to requsitions depending on supplier and receiving org.
      We found one way of doing this. Using contract purchase agreement and Advanced Pricing price lists. Can anyone please let us know if there is any other way of achieving this??
      Also, I have a question regarding Advanced pricing Price Lists. I performed following steps.

      1.Set the QP: Licensed for Product profile to Purchasing
      2.Create and approve a contract purchase agreement in Oracle Purchasing
      3.Define Price Lists and Price List Lines (optional)
      4.Define sourcing rules and ASLs to automatically default source information onto requisition lines. Associate Contract to ASL.
      5. This will enable Oracle Advanced Pricing integration in the following Oracle Purchasing functionality:
      Requisition pricing
      Purchase order pricing

      But when I create requisitions, the price from price list is not getting defaulted automatically. In requisitions form, if I go to source tab and select source as a Contract Purchase Agreement, then the price from price lists is getting defaulted. Is there any way where the source for the requisition can be automatically defaulted to Contract and the price can be picked from price lists??