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    About Oracle Analytic Workspace Manager

      I have learned that the Oracle Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) is an graphic administrative tool to create logical dimensional model (cube,dimensions,hierachy,levels,etc.) and the logical model can be saved into XML template. My question is:

      I have created an Oracle 10g test database using SQL scripts and imported our OLTP data. How do I configure the 10g database to be OLAP database? Does it require a license to enable 10g OLAP feature?

      What is the cost if I use Oracle 10g OLAP database in production?


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          You need to use Enterprise Edition of the Oracle database (OLAP is not part of Standard or XE). It is a cost option to the Enterprise Edition license and you should talk to your local account team regarding pricing.

          If you use the data warehouse template to create your database instance the scripts to initialise OLAP are automatically executed. You can check to see if OLAP is installed and correctly configured using the following script:
          col comp_name format a25 heading 'Component'
          col version format a12 heading 'Version'
          col status format a10 heading 'Status'
          col modified heading 'Modified'

          select comp_name, version, status, modified from dba_registry where comp_name like '%OLAP%';
          Component Version Status Modified
          ------------------------- ------------ ---------- --------------------
          OLAP Analytic Workspace VALID 31-AUG-2006 08:13:33
          Oracle OLAP API VALID 31-AUG-2006 08:13:35
          OLAP Catalog VALID 31-AUG-2006 08:13:38
          If OLAP is not installed then run the following script:
          conn SYS as SYSDBA
          @?/olap/admin/olap.sql SYSAUX TEMP;
          You can get a lot more information relating to Oracle OLAP via the Oracle OLAP Option Wiki page : http://wiki.oracle.com/page/OLAP+option+-DBASample+Scripts
          and also via the Oracle OLAP Blog : http://oracleolap.blogspot.com/

          Hope this helps

          Keith Laker
          Oracle EMEA Consulting

          OLAP Blog: http://oracleOLAP.blogspot.com/
          OLAP Wiki: http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Oracle+OLAP+Option
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          OWB Blog : http://blogs.oracle.com/warehousebuilder/
          OWB Wiki : http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Oracle+Warehouse+Builder
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