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    Break Formatting Explaination


      APEX v3.0.1.008

      Can anyone please direct me to documentation or have an explaination on the Break Formatting options in the Report Attributes section? The online text does not contain enough detail or examples for me to understand.

      The data that I'm reporting on is outstanding debits for our suppliers. What I'd like to achieve is:

      (i) Break on Supplier - I achieve this by using

      Breaks on First Column
      & Repeat Headings on Break

      Although I'd ideally want each new Supplier to start on a fresh page. Is this possible?

      (ii) Sub-total text that identifies the Supplier the total is for - tried using Sub-Total for #SUM_COLUMN_HEADER# in the Defines the text that displays on report breaks. Be sure to use #SUM_COLUMN_HEADER# substitutions. but this displays Supplier (column header) not the actual value of this column.

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          Simon Gadd
          Totals simply achieved by setting..

          Report Attributes > Column Attributes > and then tick the 'SUM' check boxes for all the columns you want totalled.
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            It appears that the column value can not be substitued into the text that is displayed when the column breaks.

            It seems to me I have seen a list of substitution strings, I wonder if there is a value there that can be used. But the edit box only seems to allow #SUM_COLUMN_HEADER#...

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              I would also need to know, where a useful documentation of these substitution strings can be found. The online help actually is not of any help in this case, but the sentence "Be sure to use #SUM_COLUMN_HEADER# substitutions" seems to imply, that it is common knowledge.

              So: where is this "common knowledge" to gather? I really couldn't find anything sensible, and a discussion forum is quite a bad kind of reference documentation ...

              And: what are these substitutionS (plural)?? Are there more than one substitution possibilities?

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                I'm having exactly the same issues as described above. I'm pretty good at experimenting with things and coming up with an answer. But this one has proven elusive so far.

                My next thought is to look for some books on HTML DB which was the previous moniker for APEX. Searching for an APEX book has only resulted in one book title that isn't available until June 30, 2008!

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                  Well, I've gotten this to work in a very basic way, though I have much more research to do regarding full control over the display values. Basically, the substitution values are those defined in the template for the given report. This was the piece that was pretty obscure, at least to me.

                  The initial discussion I've looked at for this is in the Applications Express User's Guide (the Help link from APEX). Look under Home -> Controlling Page Layout and User Interface -> Customizing Templates -> Report Templates.

                  Good luck! I'll post more info as I get a better understanding on how to use the #value# in the template definition. It looks like investigation of CSS might be in my immediate future!