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    how to get the object's type?

      as we know, we can use var$rdfvtyp in SEM_MATCH table function to get the type of value bound to the variable(URI, LIT [literal], or BLN [blank node]).

      now,I want to get the type of value from the following SQL:
      select t.triple.get_triple() from my_rdf t

      Is there any function for this?

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          Unfortunately there is no function for this.

          The table RDF_VALUE$ (described in section 1.3.2 in the Oracle 11g documentation and section 1.2.3 in the Oracle 10g documentation) contains type information. You can query that by finding the subject/predicate/object values (from the triple you retrieved in your example) in the VALUE_NAME column, and retrieving the corresponding VALUE_TYPE. But note that you should be wary of developing application code based on the current table definition since that might change in a future release.