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    2-Way Invoice Matching

      We use 11.5.8 and I work in purchasing using the purchasing module. Some of the purchase orders I create need to be 2-match, items like software maintenance and such that really have nothing to receive. My problem is, I thought that if I choose 2-way match and set receiving tolerence at 100%, the P.O. should close once the invoice is matched. That does not happen for us.

      I pulled up some documentation and found a line that has me puzzeled. It says "Enter the Receipt Close percent for your shipments. Purchasing automatically closes a shipment for receiving if it is within the receiving closure tolerance at the receiving close point. You need to set the receiving close point in the Purchasing Options window."

      I am not aware of this Purchasing Options window to set the receiving close point. Is this something that I may not have access too? I need to get this figured out so I don't have to manually close purchase orders when they are complete.
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          Matt Rasmussen
          You can get to the Purchasing Options screen logged in as Purchasing Super User and navigating to Setup -> Organizations -> Purchasing Options. The Receipt Close field is in the Default tab of the screen.
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            Thank you Matt. That was helpful but I still can't seem to get the 2-way matched P.O.'s to close when the invoice is matched. I don't know what we are doing wrong.
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              What are the values of the quantity/amount billed , ordered and received column on the PO shipment line ?
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                2-way matching can be set in several places: the item (in the organization listed on the PO); the purchasing options; the supplier; and the PO itself. If the PO is showing that the matching level is 2-way then you should look at the invoice close tolerance AND the receipt tolerance. This too can be set in several places so be sure to check all the places mentioned above.

                Also, if you change the matching you usually have to reapprove the PO to get it to behave in a way that reflects the changed matching.

                Hope this helps!
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                  I have a similar kind of situation we currently useing 3 way matching but like to go to 2 way matching to fix the clearing account for assets i am just in a confusion that after recieving the goods, i want to see the effect on the GL accounts can any one help how to find out how recieving goods create credits and debits about a pirticular transaction
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                    The Oracle Cost Management User's Guide has details of the debits and credits for each type of transaction for standard and average costing methods.

                    If you don't already have the user guide you can get it from here...

                    Hope this helps.