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    Give us your feedback on v1.2 of the ILM Assistant

      Please give us your feedback on v1.2

      What would you like us to do next?

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          I downloaded and installed ILM 1.2 on a 11gR1 enterprise database(Solaris64).

          I was able to install and access the APEX 3.0.1 application.
          I am using the Enabled Gateway method

          Even though the ILM assistant install was successful, I still cannot login with the ADMIN account.
          ILM url:

          I was able to login to APEX with the ADMIN account.
          1. http://oraprod-dr.lodgian.com:8080/apex/apex_admin
          2. http://oraprod-dr.lodgian.com:8080/apex/f?p=4550:10:2805095104274743

          Also my 11g database has the following options:

          SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Feb 28 09:58:39 2008
          Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.

          Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
          With the Partitioning, Oracle Label Security, OLAP, Data Mining,
          Oracle Database Vault and Real Application Testing options

          Bruce Hawkins
          Sr. DBA
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            Sorry for the delay getting back to you but I have been on vacation.

            We have changed the login for the ILM Assistant in v1.2 and you now have to use a DATABASE username and password

            Can you try that and let me know if your problem is resolved.

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              I had sent you information back on 02/29/2008 as a reply to this thread but it must have got deleted.
              Here is the thread from that day.
              I finally got this to work in my 11g database with Database Vault.

              I got to the ILM login page when I exchanged p=4550:10:2805095104274743
              for p=737677:10:2805095104274743.

              The documentation for logging into ILM 1.2 seems to be not quite accurate.
              What I saw on that page were 2 boxes:
              1. Database User
              2. Password

              So you actually need to login with a "database" user account.
              Initially I logged in as "SYS" just to see what would happen.
              Then I was able to see the ILM tabs and menus.

              I then went into OEM and created a new database user "ILM_DB_ADMIN".
              I followed the instructions for executing the grant_privs.sql script to that newly created database account.

              I was then able to login with that database account.

              Now the url http://oraprod-dr.lodgian.com:8080/apex/f?p=737677 immediately refers to the ILM login page.

              I would not think that this is a "backdoor" login method into ILM since the documentation does mention that you must use a "database" account.

              Bruce Hawkins