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    Purchase order approval


      One Purchase order moved as per Hierarchy and the Final approver approved the same. But the PO ducument status shown as Inprocess status and in view action history--No action taken. The fianal approver has the sufficient authority and approved many in the past.Due to urgent requirement, we changed the PO status as Approved in backend and status changed to Approved but in view action history it showing as no action taken. we are unable to receive the PO in the inv. organisation.How to resolve this issue. pl guide me.

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          Since you have changed the PO APPROVAL status to APPROVED, you also need to make an insert in to po_action_history table with information like approver, status, sequence etc.....
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            Did you use any API for authorization status update? if not open SR with Oracle to get data cleanup script first and then resubmit the PO for approval. (First time (originally) It must have errored in workflow and hence the status was not updated)

            -Rushikesh Dabholkar
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              It is not enough to update the po header with the 'Approved' status. In order to be able to receive against this po you should also have to update the 'Approved_Flag' field at the po_line_locations_all table with 'Y'.
              And in any case, it would be preffered that you open SR at Oracle.
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                PO Approval is a very complex process and just setting the Status on the Header Level will not help and rather corrupt the data.

                As the previous post states that lot of fields get updated during the Approval such as authorization_status, approved_flag, approved_date on Header Level. And on the Shipment Level approved_flag. And there are many processes like PDF generation updation of MTL tables, one should not directly set the PO to Approved from backend.

                The best way to approach the problem would be taking wfstat and see where did the workflow fail.

                I think googling would give you an idea as to how one can get a wfstat.

                In case you need any insights in to wfstat.sql you can reply to the post.