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    PO Approval

      Hello experts,

      need ur help urgently...

      We need to accomplish PO approval for Spares and Project specific items.

      Spares (figures within brackets indicate authorization limit)
      BuyerGroup Head (1, 00,000) VP-CSD (5, 00,000) VP-Procurement (20, 00,000)MD (>20,00,000)

      Project specific items (figures within brackets indicate authorization limit)
      Buyer Group Head (5, 00,000)VP-Procurement (20,00,000) MD (20,00,000)

      A Spares PO can be distinguished from Project specific PO from the PO charge a/c.
      Note: All spare purchase will hit 800-0000-1430-100-000-000-0-0

      I have set PO approval as follows:

      Group Headapproval group1
      (Account range – include – 1,00,000 – 800-0000-1430-100-000-000-0-0 to 800-0000-1430-100-000-000-0-0)
      (Account range – include – 5,00,000 – 800-0000-0000-000-000-000-0-0 to 800-9999-9999-999-999-999-9-9)

      VP-CSDapproval group2
      (Account range – include – 5,00,000 – 800-0000-1430-100-000-000-0-0 to 800-0000-1430-100-000-000-0-0)

      VP-Procapproval group3
      (Account range – include – 20,00,000 – 800-0000-0000-000-000-000-0-0 to 800-9999-9999-999-999-999-9-9)

      MDapproval group4
      (Account range – include – 999999…. – 800-0000-0000-000-000-000-0-0 to 800-9999-9999-999-999-999-9-9)

      A PO for project specific item is raised. The value of the PO is 21, 00,000.
      Destination type is Expense with PO Charge a/c defaulted as 800-1750-5010-100-000-0-0

      The PO after approval by Group Head goes to VP-CSD instead of VP-Proc.
      As per above set up, VP-CSD does not have authority as the a/c range does not include the PO’s charge a/c.

      Can anyone help me on this?

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          Approvals will either go via Employee/Supervisor, or Position Hierarchy depending on which you have setup. Approval groups are looked at at the time the document response approve/reject is made (unless you have "direct" option setup).

          Let us know what you've setup.


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            Hello Gareth,

            Missed to provide that...I have set up Position Hierarchy (Buyer, Group Head etc are positions with employees assigned)

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              Hi Sudarshan,

              As I've noted, unless you've got the "direct" option set the approval path will follow the position hierarchy irrespective of the ability to approve (amount or account). The approval ascends the position hierarchy until the person with position is encountered that has the appropriate approval authority.