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    Can not schedule a conference with the right time

      We are having trouble with Real-Time Collaboration. We are using Collaboration Suite v. 10.1.2 in Brazil and until last week we were not having any problem with it.
      At February 17th, daylight saving time was over and since then we could not start Enterprise Database Console. We solved this changing the time zone from "Brazil/East" to "Etc/GMT+3" following steps described in Metalink document number 388280.1 . Now the problem is that when we schedule a conference in Real-Time Collaboration to 09:00AM (UTC-03:00 Sao Paulo) we can only join the conference at 12:00PM(UTC-03:00 Sao Paulo).
      Acessing directly the database and querying the meeting details, we found that the scheduled time is 12:00PM and the time zone the database has no time zone changes.<br>
      The query:<br>

      SQL> SELECT<br>
      2 TO_CHAR(SCHEDULED_START_TIME,'dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') START_TIME<br>
      3 FROM<br>
      4 RTC.RTC_MEETINGS<br>
      5 WHERE<br>
      6 MEETING_ID = 136610<br>
      7 /<br>
      25/02/2008 12:00:00<br>
      2 /<br>
      We would like to know what to do to solve this issue.<br>
      Thanks in advance!<br>