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    Oracle Designer 6i + Headstart

      Hi All,

      We're working in an environment where using Designer 6i+Headstart is a must. Our task is to generate forms - and the generated forms must not be modified with Forms Builder.

      In this environment we're facing several (maybe stupid) problems. If anyone could help in any of them his/her help would be highly appreciated.

      Our problems are as follows:
      1. We have designed a form that can be used to make queries on the database. As there are customer data in the database, we want to search all stored properties of a customer based on some of the stored properties. The form user may give one or more of the search properties, and the search must be started when the form user clicks on a specific button ("Search"). The form is working fine. We want to modify it so when the form user presses "Enter" on the keyboard, the form must not navigate to the next textfield, but the search must be started immediately. The action item ("Search button") has a property called "Default" that could be used to set up such functionality, but it seems that it cannot be set on the module component level (seems to work only on module level).

      Do you know a solution for this? (The strange thing is that setting this in Forms Builder is straightforward...:( )

      2. Was anyone able to use a form's "Input" and "Output" properties? We just can not use it (it generates no error, but just simply not working), so we're using global variables in order to pass back data (yuck!).

      3. Was anyone able to use a PL/SQL function, with dynamic input parameters as a "table usage" for any form? (We're currently using a global temporary table as a shortcut, but this is not the most beautyful solution ever...)

      4. Does anyone know how to make a so-called label in Designer? Currently we're using some zero-length textitem prompts for this - but it would be nicer to use some more official solution.

      Thank you for your kind replies in advance.

      Best regards,
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          Some answers to your questions:

          You can set the property Template/Library Object of the action item to an button object in your object library in which the property Default is set.
          See for an example witin the QMSOLM65.FMB, block QMS_STND_ITEMS, item QMSSO$OK.

          Can give more information how you want to pass data using the parameters?
          Form parameters can be accessed using :PARAMETER.{parameter name}.

          You can use items with no bevel and no prompt to generate labels.
          Your selected solution can also be used.
          Designer cannot generate standalone labels (boilerplate text). It should always be associated with an item.
          Check the Headstart user guide and look for generating a wizard. Here these techniques are used.

          Henk Jan