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    Oracle Sourcing Conversion-R12

      We are upgrading from 11.5.10 to R12.I have been working on conversion of Sourcing RFQ's.We currently have a number of Active RFQ's and respective quotes from suppliers.All the active RFQ's and quotes needs to be migrated to the New Operating Unit.

      What are the options available to migrate the RFQ's and the respective quotes.Can they be migrated with the same number along with the respective quotes.

      Any help will be highly appreciated.


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          Why you are creating new operation unit, Is there any specific reason related to upgrade or its just for some other reason
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            Hi Alok,

            I'm Jimmy and I'm working for a Canadian customer on a SCM project.

            My client is currently using Oracle Procurement/Sourcing in The customer will have a new hardware platform and plan to do a fresh instalation and re-implement in the new server. The customer's business requires some RFQs and Negotiations open during the transition period. Thus, we have to plan a data conversion solution for the open RFQ and active negotiations.

            I failed to find any document from Oracle about this topic. I'm wondering if you have any document that you can share with me. I assume Oracle's best practice will ask customers to close all negotiations and RFQ before performing transition, but would like to dig a bit deeper and see if any other options available.

            Thanks in advance, i really appreciate your help.

            You can email the document or link to my emailbox zmluo21@yahoo.com

            Have a nice day!