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      We have iProcurement installed. Oracle version 11i.5.9. We are currently loading our all items into the Catalogs in iProc using spreadsheets. We have encountered some issues with the design of the system that is preventing us from updating and deleting items specific by Supplier sites using the Catalog Bulkload process.
      The solution according to an analyst is to use item master to load our items into the catalog. So, we have to load our item master and then extract the items from item master to the catalogs.
      Can anyone that has done this before, please provide information on the steps required to load item master and extract these items to catalogs? I set up a test item in Item master and extracted, but, it does not get loaded into catalogs in iProc.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Run the catalog purge prograram and rerun the extractor program.


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            When creating the items, you have created them in the master org. If you have done so. Make sure that u have the mininum attibutes setup. UOM, Quantity, Purchasing Tab, have purshased, purshable flags set and price.

            Then run catalog extractor.

            Furthermore, I recommend tying the item to a supplier. If you have the supplier in ASL.
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              These are the series of programs that should be used to Load items from your flat file --> Stage -->Validate--> Load to interface tables --> Use POXPDOI which does the work for you and subsequently the catalog extractor and purge processes
              POXCDXCG - Standard Oracle Program 1 of 3 to export to iProcurement.
              POXCDXIG - Standard Oracle Program 2 of 3 to export to iProcurement.
              POXCDXPG - Standard Oracle Program 3 of 3 to export to iProcurement.