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    Transmission Methods in Approval Details Tab in Appove Documents Window

      Hi have a user that would like to have transmission methods: E-Mail (box) grayed out or completely removed.

      Let me shed some light on this situation. I have a user that goes to requistions form then clicks on the Approve button. Once clicking on the button. Gets another window called the Approve Details. In that window has 2 tabs Approval Details and Additional Options.

      In Transmission Methods region... we have currently showing Print (box), Fax (box), EDI (as a radio button), XML (as a radion button).

      We currently use edi, xml transmissions.....those buttons are grayed out. We need to have the Print/Fax (boxes) there .....but not the Email (box).

      Secondly, if a user doesnt have all those boxes...how does one get them back.
      I have a user that only has Print (box).

      I checked metalink....and stated to go to supplier and sites and email notification. Still the boxes occur.

      Using Oracle 11i.5.9

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.