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      Currently we have uploaded a catalogue items to category "PRINTING AND STATIONERY" now we want to update it with a new list.
      Can you pleas send me the steps as to how to do it through "Internet Procurement econtent Manager"

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          Subramanyam Jayram
          This are the step you have to upload new category items.

          Step1 : Create the items in the item master
          Step2: In iProc, using the econtent manager responsibility.. eContent Manager > Online Schema Maintenance > Manage Item Categories you have to create the category.

          Category Name     Category Key     Description
          Generic Software-Software     1000001     .

          Step 3:
          eContent Manager > Online Schema Maintenance > Map Oracle Purchasing Categories

          Use this facility to map your Supplier Categories to your Oracle Purchasing categories so that when a supplier item is requisitioned, an Oracle category is used on the Requisition and PO line. These mappings should be setup once Purchasing has been setup, but they can be amended if required.

          Example :

          Category Name     Purchasing Category     
          Generic Software-Software     400-TS100

          Step 5:
          If you are loading the category items, first time you have to rebuilt index. Hope you can get the rebuilt index solution from metalink.

          Step 6:
          Now you create the excel sheet with data and load it using the eContent Manager responsibility.

          Hope you understand the process. Pls let me know if you need more details

          Subramanyam Jayaram.
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            Thanks alot for sending me the steps