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    Item Master Table

      How does one create an item and make it available in iProcurement.
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          what do u mean by item create and make available in iproc

          can you put some clarity on your query?
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            one work around i would suggest by a minor customisation.

            We have items defined in Inventory.
            They are then made available in iProc via running Catalog Loader jobs.

            how it works:

            Users can search through the catalogue in iProc and add items to the cart.

            A custom job runs, which identifies if the products in the requisition have their "ITEM" field populated. If they do (and are thus sourced from Inventory), the job updates the "Source Type" field of the req from "Supplier" to "Inventory".

            Then the "Create Internal Orders" job somehow pulls those reqs with a Source Type of "Inventory" into Sales Orders in the Order Management module.