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    Match-Merge functionality in ODI using Data Quality


      We have the requirement to define the business rules or mappings among various Data Sources to augment the match/merge logic required to load the Staging Tables in ODI.

      The scenario would be something like this:

      we have 2 Data Sources A and B.Both have some table a1 and
      b1 which contain related information about some customers.

      Now, at ETL time( while loading the staging tables) I would like to
      define somewhere the conditional logic which allows me to
      identify,relate and join a customer row (from both A.a1 and B.b1) based
      on some rules. The rule for e.g. can be as simple as A.a1.name is always
      same as B.b1.cust_name.

      Otherthan embedding the logic inside the mapping,is there any other way we can define it using data quality in ODI.

      It would be of great help if you can share ur ideas with the necessary steps to be taken as i am new to ODI Data qulity.