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    Pricing for Migration World - E1

      Hi there,
      it seems like as if World customers paid much more money for their licenses and support than now. If they want to migrate their World licenses to E1 how does this translate in pricing. how can the old, more expensive licenses can be migrated to E1 licenses and support?

      Thank you
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          Sorry that no-one has responded in such a long time. In case you haven't already chased this up, here are some thoughts.

          In short, the best way to get information on the movement of licenses from JD Edwards World to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is to speak with your sales rep. They can give you good information about your contract terms, specific situation, etc.

          Having said that, there are a few other bits of information I would share. First, many (but not all) JD Edwards World customers are already licensed for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, so you may already have the licenses. If you do not, we have a process for translating the licenses from JD Edwards World to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and your rep can help you engage in that process.