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    Swap space problem on Windows XP

      I'm trying to install BI Publisher on Windows XP from a zip file downloaded last week (version However after starting setup.exe in the install directory I get the message that my swap space = 0 Mb while 500 Mb is required. After this the installation procedure quits.

      I haven't got a clue as what the installer is referring to (swap on windows?) but I have plenty of room om my two (logical) disks, no spaces in the directory name from which I start the installer (D:\download\bipublisher\Windows\OBI\install) and about 1.5 Gb of memory free.

      Any hints what to do would be appreciated.

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          Hi Mjb001,

          In computer operating systems that have their main memory divided into pages, paging (sometimes called swapping) is a transfer of pages between main memory and an auxiliary store, such as hard disk drive.[1] Paging is an important part of virtual memory implementation in most contemporary general-purpose operating systems, allowing them to easily use disk storage for data that does not fit into physical RAM. Paging is usually implemented as a task built into the kernel of the operating system.

          Windows 3.x creates a hidden file named 386SPART.PAR or WIN386.SWP for use as a swap file. It is generally found in the root directory, but it may appear elsewhere (typically in the WINDOWS directory). Its size depends on how much swap space the system has (a setting selected by the user under Control Panel → Enhanced under "Virtual Memory"). Please check this file.

          Amit Deshpande
          Persistent Systems Ltd.
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            I should have said it better: I can not understand why the installer thinks it has to check my swap space. No other program I ever installed (which includes Oracle DB's from version 8.07 and up ever complained about this). Anyway, apart from the 1.5 Gb free ram I have a 2 Gb swap file (instead of 0 Mb as reported by the installer, if this is what it is referring to).

            I'll download a previous version to see if it makes any difference.

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              That did the trick, the 'previous version' did not check 'swap' and installed nicely. I guess the install routine is not correct (it thinks it is on linux o so).

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                Tim Dexter-Oracle
                Hi Martin

                I'll follow up with the dev team on that.



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                  Hi Martin,

                  Sorry that you encountered problems installing BI Publisher - that should not happen.

                  We are slightly confused. Are you talking about the BI Publisher Desktop (Word Add-IN) or the Enterprise server that you had your installation problems with?

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                    this was the zip I downloaded and that gave the problems: bipublisher_windows_x86_101332_disk1.zip .

                    the 'previous version' I referred to was in the file bipublisher_windows_x86_101321_disk1.zip and installed correctly.

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                      I met the same problem when trying to install the oracle application server on winxp. The install file is as_windows_x86_101202_disk1.zip. Below is the message:
                      Checking swap space: 0 MB available, 1535 MB required. Failed <<<<
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                        I just installed BIP Enterprise (stand alone) and was able to overcome the "swap space" failure message by increasing vitual memory on my laptop to the maximum allowed (4095MB).