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    Problems in inferencing large owls with Jena

      I am trying to use Jena OWL Reasoner APIs (Mini and full OWL Reasoner) to make inferences on large OWL file (approx. 40k lines). But Jena is throwing a out of memory error even after increasing the JVM heap space to 1GB.

      I think it is because the Jena creates an in-memory model of the ontology and then inferences out of it.

      So, is there any way out towards solving this problem?

      One thing I need to mention is that the Pellet Reasoner when tied with Jena OntModel is giving inferences quickly. The Jena OWLMicroReasoner also is giving the inferences but it is taking much more time. But, the latter generates more inferences than those generated by the Pellet Reasoner.