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    AR Reconciliation

      Oracle version :
      I am reconciling my AR every month after the MEC closure.
      This time there is a difference between my GL and AR.
      Balance is more in GL.
      I checked all the sources to find out the difference but not able to trace out.
      The difference lies in total of Applied Receipt Register and Unapplied Receipt register does not tally with GL figure.
      So,is there a way to find out the difference?
      If any script can be run to find out the difference then it will be of immense help.
      I tried the script provided in Metalink but it did not gave me any result.

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          have u tried AR to GL Reconciliation Report which is is part of standard Oracle Receivables Reconciliation Reports

          The AR to GL Reconciliation report compares the account balances in Oracle Receivables to those in Oracle General Ledger, and highlights journal sources where discrepancies might exist. This report simplifies the reconciliation process by comparing Receivables and General Ledger account balances in a single place.

          The AR to GL Reconciliation report prints by set of books and organizes data first by company segment, then account type (assets, liabilities, income, and expense).

          try to Review Unposted Items Report , and see which one is unposted entry.
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            Thanks for the clarification!!
            The requisite patch was not applied by client ,hence we are not able to view AR to GL Reconciliation report.
            I checked there is no unposted transactions.
            Here I found couple of transactions like this ,
            1)There is a credit card receipt in previous periods.
            2)in the current month ,they have created a debit memo and applied the receipt.
            Hence,I believe when the receipt created it has hit aging bucket report with credit amount and when the debit memo applied,the customer balance become zero and net effect of it is the debit become cash and credit gone to some other account.Hence the aging bucket report has increased where as the debit has gone to some other account to GL .

            Any comments
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              dear sir,

              my AR to GL Reco shows no difference, but when i run the unposted journal report, it shows me few entries which shows as unposted, thought i have already run export all entries to GL once.

              can anyone suggest what can i do with this unposted entries, is there any other way i can get this entries in GL%%