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    ORA-01410 Invalid RowID. Help me..

      I'm getting ORA-01410 error while trying to backup table X.
      (table X has no indexes.)

      what i did..
      1) using exp... --> ORA-01410 error
      2) create table X2 as select * from X --> ORA-01410 error
      3) alter table X move tablespace T2 --> ORA-01410 error
      4) analyze table X validate structure cascade --> ORA-01410 error

      maybe corruption?
      what i did next..
      1) fsck --> OK
      2) dbv file=XXX BLOCKSIZE=8192 (all datafiles) -> OK
      3) dbms_repair.check_object(...) -> OK

      i cannot understand this case.
      it's not the case of index corruption or "current of" bug.

      My environment is...
      - OS : Fedora Core 4
      - DB : Oracle for Linux

      Can somebody tell me how i should repair this table?