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    Amount and Quanity in Non-Catalog request - IProcurement

      Hi all,
      I am having the following requirement in IProcurement.

      1. While creating a Non-Catalog request using item type as goods or services billed by amount , it asks for amount.

      2. When we save the request, the amount field is saved to quantity field. That is if i enter amount as 1000.50 and save the request, 1000.50 is added as quantity and it displays 1 and unit price. This is confusing for the user. How can i change this functionality.

      User requests, they must be able to change the price and quantity. Currently it allow to change the quantity. I added a text box using personalization in view cat page. Price value is displayed correctly. But when i change the amount and quantity and save the page then it replaces the actual old value.

      Is there any way to overcome this issue.