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    regarding OWL Inference support in ORACLE 11g

      While going through the documentation for semantic features of ORACLE 11g in the following link :


      In 1.3.6 Inferencing: Rules and Rulebases , it was given that OWLPRIME, RDFS++, OWLSIF Rule Bases are 'Empty'. Does this mean that ORACLE 11g does not have native support for OWL inferencing by default( do we need to explicitly insert the rules that are specified by the W3 consortium regarding the OWL inferencing , into these RuleBases?) ?

      Any one please clarify my doubt....
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          I apologize for the documentation not being clear. The 'empty' is to simply distinguish between RDF, RDFS rulebases which were introduced in 10gR2 and had the rules explicitly listed in rulebases, and OWLSIF, RDFS++ and OWLPRIME which were introduced in 11g with a different (and more efficient) implementation. The new implementation does not require the rules themselves to be explicitly listed, rather the rules can be considered to be hard-coded.

          So no, you do not have to insert rules, and inferencing for OWLSIF, RDFS++ and OWLPRIME Is natively supported in the database. This means that you can call the API 'create_entailment' to have the database do the inferencing, and you do not have to insert any rules. More details on inferencing and how to use this feature is in the white paper: http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/semantic_technologies/pdf/semantic_infer_bestprac_wp.pdf

          Once again I apologize for the unclear documentation and we will rectify it.